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.... March the 8th 1993, not only International Women’s Day, but also the day Bandabarḍ was born.

Enrico Erriquez Greppi, a bilingual with a French-Luxembourg heritage, persuaded A. M. Finaz, a budding electric guitarist, to ditch all his amplifiers and pedals. That’s because Erriquez was convinced it would be both cool and fun to bring on stage the very same party atmosphere that emerges from those magic moments, when groups of friends get together and start singing countless songs, both in and out of tune.
Another classic element of these get-togethers is that invariably, a bongo player suddenly appears! Well then, meet Paolino multi-percussionist, especially on djembe and the bongos, authentic symbols of hippy culture (Ramon with his cuban sound has now taken his place), followed by the third acoustic guitar courtesy of Orla, Francophile street player Don Bachi on the double-bass, the young Nuto on a minimal drum kit to ensure that everybody dances, and a reliable sound technician (Cantini).
The right mixture obtained, the band create a steadily devastating live act with numerous concerts and lavish energy: the barḍ’s way of performing adjusts to both the street set and the roaring set of sport arenas. Concerts anywhere and at any time (Italy, France, Switzerland and Slovenia) were alternated with van crashes and collaborations with groups needing an acoustic uplift (Litfiba, Daniele Silvestri, CSI...)